BIN4049-N-BF1 – Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management


Teesside University International Business School



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BIN4049-N-BF1 - Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management

The assessment will require you to select a suitable case study organisation identifying a potential supply chain issue and provide a comparative literature review which outlines recommendations which will solve, or reduce the risk of such issues occurring.
This assessment requires you to critically evaluate academic literature and develop recommendations to a supply chain or logistics issue.
To do this you are required to identify a suitable organisation and supply chain problem from recent news or company press releases and offer potential solutions to the issues faced.
You are permitted to either use a new case study, or improve the previously submitted work
The report will need to be in an appropriate professional format and MUST contain the following:
1. A description of the case organisation chosen and thesupply chain/logistics issue identified.
2. A critical analysis of the issue chosen, includingpotential causes supported by academic literature.
3. A comparative literature review which critically analyses contemporary research with the aim of developing a suitable set of recommendations to the organisation.
4. A short conclusion summarising your recommendations and their rationale.