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Leading Change

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Take-home Exam

1. Use one page per answer
2. All answers should be between 200 and 250 words long
3. Use at least one academic source per answer to support your argument
4. Use 12 point-size Times New Roman font and 1.5 lines spacing
5. Include your reference list at the end of the document
6. Do not include a cover page, your name or KU ID number


QUESTION 1 – Team Leadership
You are managing a team which is facing three key issues. First, it is lacking focus on the project’s
goals. Second, your team is also continuously fighting against each other. Third, as a result, the team
is not getting recognition and support from the top management team.
Following Hill’s model for team leadership,
1. For each issue, explain one leadership action you need to address it. In total, you should
provide three actions, one for each issue.



QUESTION 2 – Transformational Leadership
Read the Case 8.2 titled “An exploration in leadership” (available on Canvas under Assignments
Tab, Take-Home Exam) and answer the following questions:
1. Why is Dr Cook an example of transformational leadership?
2. Apply two of the four Is of transformational leadership to support your argument.



QUESTION 3 – Difference and Leadership
You have been hired as an external consultant by a global bank. They informed you that only 10% of
the Bank’s top leaders are women. You need to help this bank increase women’s representation in
top management positions.
1. Please discuss the concept of the “Leadership Labyrinth” with specific reference to the three
barriers affecting gender equality.
2. What could the bank do to eliminate this barrier affecting gender equality? Make two specific
recommendations about what the organisation could do to reduce the gender gap in



QUESTION 4 – Path Goal Theory
You are a marketing manager. Jack is one of your supervisees. Lately, you have noticed that his level
of job motivation has decreased. He does not seem excited about the department’s projects. He is no
longer contributing ideas or solutions even though you know that he has the necessary skills and
knowledge to carry out his job effectively. Using Path Goal Theory and based on Jack’s
characteristics as a subordinate, consider the leadership behaviour that you would adopt to respond to
this situation. Based on this leadership behaviour, identify two actions you would take to motivate
Jack in this situation.



QUESTION 5 – Leadership in the 21 st century
Based on the session “Leadership in the 21 st century”,
1. Explain the impact of the trend “Globalisation of business and economic activity” on
2. Discuss two strategic leadership capabilities you would need to demonstrate as an
organisational leader in order to take advantage of this trend. Use one example from a real
organisation to support your answer.