BA Digital Marketing and BA Marketing Management


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Brand Management

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BA Digital Marketing and BA Marketing Management

You are required to submit a 5-minute presentation based on your digital brand (must
have a digital presence) used for coursework assessment 1 (Guidance will be given on using Panpoto or
Powerpoint). The presentation must include your own voice (narrative) to explain your ideas.
Part B: Brand Plan – Stretching/extending the Brand
1. Begin the presentation by summarising the key findings from your brand audit (brand inventory and
brand exploratory) submitted for coursework assignment 1. It is recommended that you use a
maximum of two slides for this summary.
2. Your task is to assess the sources of brand strength for your given digital brand and suggest ways to
leverage that strength in terms of one specific line/brand extension (of your own choosing). Note: – this
part is forward-looking (i.e. not what the company has already done).
3. Ongoing and new initiatives should be considered at a strategic level (brand positioning and extension,
product, and geographical portfolios, etc) and at a tactical level (names, logos, designs, packaging,
communications, etc.). Ensure you justify and provide a rationale as to why you believe the stretch or

extension will be successful. Please note that both creative and executional detail for your line/brand
extension is expected.
● Summary of your brand inventory and brand exploratory (plus key differences). (Two slides only)
● State and explain the leveraging idea (could show using the Aaker model)
● Show the strategic level (brand positioning, brand fit, relationship to the existing brand portfolio)
● Show the tactical level (name, logo, design, packaging)
● Rational and justification (S&O from SWOT, brand ‘fit’, CBBE model, PEST, positioning map(s),
competition, changes in consumer behaviour, relevant 2nd research).
● Focus on attention to detail, quality of work and overall academic standards.
● For additional guidance on this assignment, please access the assignment vodcast available on Canvas.