ASB/ABJ-4904/05 – Open Innovation Ecosystems for Small Businesses in the UK: The Case of Small Businesses in Wales


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ASB/ABJ-4904/05 - Open Innovation Ecosystems for Small Businesses in the UK: The Case of Small Businesses in Wales

This assignment aims to gain valuable insights into the applications of open innovation strategies for SMEs in the UK in driving their success in the market, with a specific focus on small businesses located in Wales.

To do so, you are required to define SMEs and provide an overview of their importance to the UK economy. The focus will be then on identifying the sectors in which they operate in Wales, recognizing the challenges faced by them when operating in market, their unique characteristics and how they can benefit from adopting open innovation strategies to overcome the constraints and barriers ultimately improving their innovation performance. Additionally, you are required to suggest an appropriate open innovation ecosystem for small businesses in Wales, discuss the possible issues of open innovation and the role of government initiatives to foster open innovation.

You have access to a wide range of databases available to you through the Bangor University Website-Library Service. You can find diverse resources including academic journal articles, newspaper articles, reports, e-books, etc. You can also refer to the UK government website and other authoritative reports from media sources.

You are expected to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the concepts and theories introduced and discussed in this module. You should be able to identify the difference between the traditional closed innovation and the contemporary paradigm of open innovation and understand two forms of inbound and outbound open innovation and their implications for businesses, with a specific focus on SMEs in Wales.

Format: Your assignment should contain three sections including: the introduction, body (containing 3 sections) and conclusion.

  1. Introduction: in the introduction section, you should include the following tasks: (approximately 700 words)
    1. Introduce the structure and purpose of your
    2. Introduce open innovation as a contemporary model of innovation and give examples of successful open innovation practices implemented by large businesses, such as collaboration with other businesses or institutions, knowledge sharing, customer and non-R&D employee
  • Provide an overview of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK with a particular focus on SMEs in Wales, the sector(s) in which they operate and their importance to the UK economy.
  1. Identify the limitations/constraints/challenges they encounter when operating in market and the impact of these challenges on their viability
  2. Body: the body of your assignment may contain three sub-sections with each section of roughly equal word length as follows: (approximately 1800 words)
    1. Highlight the importance of open innovation for SMEs to help them overcome the challenges and discuss effective open innovation strategies (inbound, outbound or coupled open innovation) that these businesses can adopt to enhance their operations, customer experience and innovation
    2. Explore the components of open innovation ecosystems and develop (or give an example of) a successful open innovation ecosystem for small businesses in Wales by identifying the roles and interactions of stakeholders/third parties within the
  • Discuss the challenges/issues of open innovation that need to be considered and explore the role of government initiatives, and funding opportunities in facilitating open innovation for small businesses in Wales.
  1. Conclusion: in the conclusion section, you should include the following tasks: (500 words)
    1. Conclude by summarizing your arguments and the key findings of your
    2. Include any suggestions or recommendations for small businesses in Wales to enhance their innovation performance through open innovation.