As the HR manager for the company, create a report for your CEO





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As the HR manager for the company, create a report for your CEO


Using Jodi-Ann’s talk as a starting point, research current DEI trends and issues facing employers in Canada. Identify a recent new article, story, etc that describes an example of an organization NOT adhering to Diversity, Equity or Inclusion policies, laws, or socially acceptable standards.Find an incident that you will be able to examine and use for this assignment.


As the HR manager for the company( in the article or incident you have researched) , how would you address this recent issue? Be conscious of its impact on the company’s Social Responsibility Reputation, how it may not be in alignment with their mission, vision, and values, how it may impact Branding and future sales.

Create a report for your CEO. Explain the following:


  • Describe the situation that occurred (using facts and details)

Identify Potential Employment Violations/Policy Breaches/Human Rights Violations

  • Statement of commitment to maintaining a fair and equitable workplace
  • Outline rights and obligations of the Ontario Human Rights Code
  • List the prohibited grounds of discrimination that may apply
  • Definition and example of “competing human rights” that should have been taken into consideration
  • Explanation of legal principles at play


  • The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) is a great source for your research. Using language from government sources such as the OHRC, the Employment Standards Act (ESA), or Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) is not considered plagiarism.  With that being said, copying and pasting will not provide you with full marks for this assignment.  You must use your sources to support your statements.

Offer Solutions and Ways to Correct Behaviour

  • Is there training that can be implemented?
  • Are there particular employees that need to be addressed/held accountable?
  • Are there new policies/procedures that can be introduced?


Explain the Strategic Importance for the Organization to have AUTHENTIC DEI efforts

  • How does this effort enhance the organization’s competitive edge?
  • What are the corporate social responsibility implications of NOT improving their efforts?
  • Suggest marketing ideas on how to “re-brand” your company’s enhanced DEI efforts


  • Grading will be based on the policy assignment rubric posted to moodle.
  • The assignment is worth 20% of your overall grade.
  • Due dateSeptember 21st, 2023 by 11 p.m. through moodle drop box
    • Late assignments will receive a mark of ZERO