AI Ethical Perspective of Adopting Artificial Intelligence in Business





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AI Ethical Perspective of Adopting Artificial Intelligence in Business

Question Interview:
What are the main ethical issues in a business environment right now in the industry with the
implementation of AI and what are you doing to keep it ethical right now?
turned it upside down, ex chatgpt
hard to convince midsize company that AI is a good change
Main thing is educate people in what kind of skills and function can AI do.
Teach them to be competitive and advance ahead of other companies
what kind of data i more compatible for your business, have data that is clean from bias, one of
the main ethical issues
only old men in ties, AI was unable to foresee a future that was not a man as a board member
if the data has a bias then AI will only use that
corona – work from home, alot of white collar work will not be used in the state it is today
What should businesses take into consideration when implementing AI and what complications
do you have with implementing it right now?
the technology is really mature, need in business and society
corporates with big or small organizations, hospitals, the challenge that change management,
everyone has been doing the same thing during a few decades.
change management – core thing
technology is there, management have to see that things are changing quickly
corporate management see the insides, there is not enough data science to support
such a new tool, no one has learned, everyone has to learn and know how to use it
success factor for the new society, the ones who can implement and do this are the ones who
will be most successful
Are there some regulations and laws?
European union
more comes with new discoveries
lack of awareness
more interest to generate and create new laws
a bit like the wild west
so extreme from something else, this is new and goes fast, exploding
chatgpt, got 1 million users in the shortest time
How to keep AI ethical?
AI is such a strong tool, how could we regulate it
high risk, concern
powerful tool, can make a lot of use for the society
bad forces can also use this
we need to engage the politicians
educate people, the use and the risks
What influences do you think AI will have on businesses in the future?
A lot
today the media is already talking about it, job opportunities will do the jobs human does
strange for the people in the work position
How it is used today?
we have used AI without knowing it
vision based AI, unlock your phone with face recognition, tag in photos, google home, google
translate, recommendation about the next word when you’re writing on your phone, discovery,
spotify can give recommendations of music, recognise your taste of music
forecasting – machine learning, weather,
doubtful if regulations will be rapid enough
regulations will not have time to adjust
emergency break or it will take of really fast

just because the tool exist, you don’t have to use it because you are supposed to learn
up to school to give you information about what you’re supposed to take away from the task
mixing the sources, really important thing to do.
it’s gonna be a challenge to keep the ethical level up, since people will move to places with less
TED TALK- https://youtu.be/3oE88_6jAwc
NEWS ARTICLES- https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2023/03/why-businesses-should-commit-
Briefly present the research purpose and research question. – Ali
Briefly present the design and approach of the study. – Marie
In detail present the process of the empirical work. – Xuefei
In detail present the empirical findings. – Xuefei
Present the analysis/discussion. – Marie
Briefly discuss ethical considerations. – Nicole
Discuss the quality and trustworthiness of your research. – Nellie
Discuss limitations and practical implications. – Nicole
You are required to collect at least 60 minutes of interview data, or for example 60 minutes of a
focus-group discussion. If you want to work with other types of data, you need to collect an
equivalent amount of alternative data. Using the rule of thumb, that 1 hour of interview data
makes between 20 and 30 pages of transcribed written text, you should have at least a similar
amount of data, better more.
Seminar 2 is part of the assignment. In the seminar you will have 15 minutes of presentation
followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. All group members must be actively involved in presenting and
discussing the project.
Each presenting group will have a reviewing / opponent group in the same seminar session. The
opponent group reads and critically discusses the presenting groups’ slides before the seminar.
Then the group prepares 3 critical questions for the presenting group to ask in the