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ACFI2421 Accounting Standards & Theory – Assignment

Task: Boeing Company
Prepare a report for a potential investor explaining why, in accordance with one of the system
orientation theories, the directors of Boeing would pay an external organisation to prepare a voluntary
Your report should:
• explain what system orientation theory is and explain in detail the content of one of the main
systems orientation theories.
• focus on explaining what the Directors are attempting to achieve by having the assurance report
and how this links to the system orientation theory you have chosen to explain in detail.
You should include references from the annual report and sustainability report to support your points as
well as academic research. You also need to consider the industry that Boeing operates in to justify
some of the commentary made in your report.
Your report should be 1,500 words long (+/- 10%) and should be in a standard business report format
with heading, subheadings and titles as well as a fully references bibliography.
This should be, where possible, word processed with the body of your report in font size 12 and using a
standard font (such as Times New Roman/Arial/Calibri).
A 10% (absolute) penalty will be awarded for any student who exceeds the word limit. Students who are
significantly below the maximum word count will not score high marks as their report will lack depth.
Further guidance has been provided in the document “Writing a Report”.