ADMN – 3230H – Training and Development




Module Code

ADMN - 3230H
Training and Development

Assignment Requirements:
• Must be submitted in a word document
• You must include both a cover page and reference page
• Maximum ten-page paper. Double space, 12 font, regular margins.
• Answers must be in essay style, not 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Do not list the questions in your paper.
• Cover page, references, and appendences do not count as part of the page limit.
• Answer must be in prose style – i.e., properly constructed paragraphs and sentences.
Subheadings are recommended. No point-form answer will be graded.
• Answers must be in your own words. APA formatting is required. NO EXCEPTIONS.
o Use in-text citations as needed
o Provide a properly formatted reference for the textbook
• Not following the above requirements will result in marks deducted!


1) Continuous Learning Culture – A work to learn approach, not a learn to work approach
2) Employee led training
3) People leaders as coaches
4) Social learning
5) Employee-curated content
6) Mobile (aka on-demand) – “mobile first” learning
7) Data and analytics to capture ROI of learning initiatives – Increased emphasis on
performance analysis, big data, and learning for business enhancement
8) Learning Experience Platform (LXP)
9) Increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for personalization – individualized
learning plans – individualized training – adaptive content delivery

10) Training in a blended environment – cultivating learning experiences for a workforce
of different ages, experience levels, backgrounds, and employment statuses
11) Soft skills training
12) Virtual mentorship programs
13) Improvised instruction – adaptive learning
14) Repositioning training as a benefit (not a burden) – Packaging this as the holistic
development of your employees as people (instead of cogs performing one function over
and over)
15) Use of new technologies for training delivery and instruction
Assignment Requirements:

1. Choose one concept from the list above.
2. Prepare a detailed description of the concept. Research the topic and use multiple
resources to complete this section and ensure they are cited properly.
a. Minimum two sources not including the textbook
b. Description can include what the topic is, what it entails, what are objectives
of it, etc.

3. Research a company that utilizes the concept that you have chosen and give a
detailed description of what the company is doing
4. Explain whether this concept is similar to something that is covered in the
textbook/course materials – yes or no or a little bit, with evidence
5. Based on your answer to number 4, conclude whether this is actually something
new on the Training and Development horizon, or not, or something “kind of” new
related to something that already exists or not new at all.
6. Based on your research of a company implementing this concept, identify two
challenges that a company can face when implementing this type of concept.
Utilize the textbook and outside resources to make your arguments.
7. What strategies could organizations use to overcome these challenges? Provide
strategies with an explanation.