ADMN-3220HA – Reflection on Recruitment and Selection





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Reflection on Recruitment and Selection

Each reflection will outline an experience based on the topic assigned, allow you to further research the company you had the experience with (in some cases you can use one or two

companies as an example) and then allow for you to discuss strategies to improve overall in the future, so other people do not encounter the same experiences. It’s important that these reflects take place as the candidate even if you have experience as a recruiter. The idea is to think through an experience as a candidate that wasn’t favourable and then reflect on what could be done as a recruiter to alleviate this in the future.

If you do not have a personal anecdote, consider a family, friend or even one depicted in fiction such as in a movie or on TV. If it is fictional, when outlining the company, detail what you know of the fictional company in terms of size, etc.

Topic for Reflection #1: Recruitment Strategies: Discuss an experience with recruitment.

You can explore any experience with recruitment: a company generating a pool of applicants. This means that this reflection should center around applications and job advertisements and NOT selection (such as testing and interviews).

Potential Topic Ideas:

  1. Application fatigue (applying to many jobs you are qualified for and not receiving any responses).
  2. Job advertisement with blatant
  3. A company that is recruiting that has a poor
  4. An application blank with uncomfortable

Topic for Reflection #2: Selection Strategies: Discuss an experience with any selection process.

You can explore any experience with selection: a company choosing the qualified candidate from the pool of applicants. This means that this reflection should center around testing and interviewing and NOT recruitment (such as job advertisements and applications).

Potential Topic Ideas:

  1. A poorly run interview, or uncomfortable interview
  2. Selection testing that did not relate to the job.
  3. Unnecessary background checks, medical tests,
  4. A poorly explained selection decision that could relate to a human rights

Prepare an essay (2-5 pages, double-spaced, regular margins, 12-pt calibri font) on your reflection using the following format:

  • Cover page with your name, student number, your professor’s name and date of submission
  • Provide an overview of your experience and how it relates to the topic (either recruitment or selection)
  • Outline a high level of the company (ies) the story relates to understand the global
  • Detail your specific feelings of the event – what was the impact from the circumstances of what
  • What is the specific recruitment or selection issues or implications arising from this event? Use concepts and terminology from the textbook where
  • If you were in the shoes of the HR/recruitment department, and you knew this had occurred, how might you correct this moving forward?

Marking Criteria (25):

  1. Information is clearly and accurately Supporting details address the who, what, where, when, why (5Ws) and how questions of the situation. (This includes an understanding of who the company(ies) are).
  2. The impact and emotional explanation are clearly
  3. Provide recommendations for the company(ies) on how they can correct the concerns (or ensure other individuals aren’t made to feel the same way).
  4. Multiple connections to Recruitment/Selection text concepts or issues are insightfully made where
  5. Writing is clear and includes effective use of Ideas are expressed fluently and in an organized manner. No mechanical or grammatical errors.
  6. Sources are fully and accurately cited consistent with the APA

The individual assignment due date is posted to Blackboard. Each topic is a separate paper, with a separate due date.

Grading Rubric
Item Grade Score
Summary + Organization 7  
Emotional Connection 3  
Recommendations 5  
Course Material 4  
Writing Style + APA 6  
Total 25  

Overall Deductions:

  • Citations: Sources of information are not cited, or sources of information are cited but some citations may be missing, or style may be (-1 per infraction)
  • Plagiarism: The assignment contained significant amounts of materials that were copied, reworded, etc. from other sources. Inappropriate copying may lead to a charge of (0 for the assignment and reporting under Academic Misconduct)
  • Late Submission: The assignment was not submitted to Blackboard by the