ACCM6000 – Literature Review


Kaplan Business School



Module Code

Literature Review

Your Task
You are a research consultant who has been asked to develop a research proposal on a contemporary
Accounting Issue.
Perform preparatory work for an Individual research proposal, including identifying the research’s
purpose, undertaking source analysis and outlining a research plan.
Assessment Description
You must choose a contemporary accounting issue and prepare a research proposal on the
selected topic.
Assessment Instructions
• You are required to undertake a literature review and provide a research proposal.
Detailed instructions:
1) Summarise the background of the contemporary chosen issue (from the additional information
2) Identify five sources relevant to the chosen accounting issue (e.g. journal articles, textbooks,
websites etc.). At least two of these must be academic journal articles, but various sources should
be used. You must reference each source as per KBS referencing guidelines.
3) Complete a source analysis on one of the journal articles you have chosen and one of the other
sources. Refer to the source analysis template in week 4 content.
4) Provide a complete research plan with headings and sub-headings
Resources to help you understand these requirements, particularly the source analysis
template, are provided on MyKBS (Week 4 content section), including explanatory
documents and marking rubrics