AA20120 – Competitive Analysis and Menu Gap





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AA20120 - Competitive Analysis and Menu Gap

Before a business can effectively create and implement a marketing plan, it must first segment and target its market. No matter how amazing the product, good, or service may be, not everyone is a potential customer! In this assignment you will decide how to position your assigned company to its target based on a perceptual map.
• Use theassignment template provided in the course shell for your submission. Complete the title page (assignment name, student name, student number, due date).
• References and in-text citations are not required for this assignment. This work is based on your original thinking and understanding of the brand, the competitors and the consumer.
• A grade of 0 will be given to assignments that use file sharing or predatory sites such as but not limited to Reviewlution, Prezi, SlideShare, MBASkool, Word Press, Course Hero, Wikipedia, Marketing91, Chegg, PowToon, NerdySeal, QuerySprout, Scribd, Comparably, Notesmatic, Study Moose, iide, IPL, Panmore, SWOTanalysistemplate, StrategicManagementInsights as sources.