6023MKT : Strategic Marketing Planning




Strategic Marketing Planning

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6023MKT : Strategic Marketing Planning | Group Report and Individual Component

Assessment Information:
This assignment includes a group assignment of 2000 words (Component A) and an individual component of
500 words (Component B). For Component A, you will be working in groups comprising 2-3 students, and for
Component B you will be working on your own.
Your company has been taken over by a global private equity firm. You have previously been working for your
company for three years as a marketing team, tasked with creating mobile phones for both the European and
Asian markets. The new owner wants to understand what you have been doing for the last three years. You
must compile a marketing report, reviewing your past performance and current situation.
The Task:
Using a range of marketing planning methods, analyse your team’s marketing and financial performance in the
marketing simulation game, assess the team’s current market situation.
Forming Groups:
To submit the group report, you must form/join a group. Unless otherwise directed by the tutor, it is your
responsibility to form/join a group. Groups must be formed and registered by 02/02/23 on AULA by yourself.
If you are not part of a group by 02/02/23 and failed to submit the report as part of a group, you will be
deemed to have not engaged in the coursework and you may fail this assessment because of that.

Component A – Group Report


A Marketing Review & Audit of approximately 2000 words that applies appropriate theoretical
concepts in marketing planning and strategic marketing in order to analyse the company’s
marketing performance over a three-year period. The report should include:
Review & Audit for Periods 1-3 & Current Situation
a. A brief introduction to the background of your business, including clear mission and vision
statements. You must then provide a structured summary of your performance through
periods 1-3.
b. A marketing audit including: PESTEL analysis, Porter’s Five Forces analysis, a critical analysis
of your STP (Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning) strategy and marketing mix tactics, and
a SWOT analysis. (NB: Ensure you edit the analysis down to the key points that will drive your
planning. If required, put more word-intensive analysis into appendices, and summarise the
key points in your main text).
Component B – Individual Component
II. A critical evaluation of approximately 500 words around the key planning tools and concepts
used in part- b above: critically discuss the role and value of the main tools used and how they
are expected to contribute to competitive advantage and performance.
III. Supporting evidence for the marketing plan, which can be taken directly from the simulation.
Downloaded data, charts and graphs can be included, as well as selected extracts from excel
IV. List of References and Bibliography.