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6009MKT : Brand and Corporate Communication

Assessment Information
This assignment is an individual assignment and requires you to undertake the following
Report on IKEA’s corporate reputation management
During recent years, IKEA has experienced a number of different reputational issues that are
likely to have impacted its bottom line. According to RepTrack, IKEA’s ranking has been
decreased from 36 in 2021 to 52 in 2022.
You are a senior marketing executive for IKEA and have been asked to prepare a report that
analyses and critically evaluates the factors that have impacted on IKEA’s reputation in its
international context. You are expected to use secondary sources only. Your report should
make justified recommendations to IKEA – based on the academic theories and models
identified below – as to actions the organisation should take to improve the management of
its reputation.

Criteria for Assessment
Drawing on relevant research you should apply academic theories and models to illustrate
your answers to the following tasks:
1. Justify the importance of managing the corporate reputation (LO1)
2. Identify and critically analyse one internal, two relational and two external forces,
which influence IKEA’s corporate reputation. In order to accomplish the task, you

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Assignment Brief Template
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should apply Porter’s ‘five forces’ and PESTLE toolkits. You should undertake
research to find an incident or case that impacts on IKEA’s reputation worldwide to
illustrate your points. (LO1)
3. Identify and assess the IKEA’s corporate reputation (LO1)
3.1. Apply Roper and Fill (2012)’s model of corporate reputation (see p 35-36).
3.2. Identify the criteria by which IKEA’s reputation is judged.
3.3. Make use of Hatch and Schultz’s toolkit (see their papers in 2001 and 2003)
to identify a reputational gap for IKEA
4. Critically analyse the brand positioning strategy of IKEA (LO2)
5. Critically analyse IKEA’s brand equity management using the Brand Equity Pyramid
Model (see Chapter 7 of Roper and Fill, 2012) (LO1 and LO2)
6. Make recommendations to IKEA based on your analysis (LO1 and LO2)
Please see Assessment Brief Rubric below for grade related guidance.
This assignment is designed to assess the first two learning outcomes of the module:
1. Critically evaluate the factors and linkages which impact corporate reputation and justify
the importance of managing the corporate reputation.
2. Analyze the local, global and cultural contexts of branding and assess methods used to
measure corporate brands.
3. Explain and critically evaluate the nature and characteristics of corporate communication
and its role in developing corporate reputation.
4. Critically evaluate key components within an integrated corporate communication plan
5. Examine and critically evaluate current issues and future themes in brand and corporate