7ET023 – To evaluate the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) at the present time


Wolverhampton University


Faculty of Science and Engineering

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To evaluate the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) at the present time

The MSc Dissertation enables you to undertake an in-depth individual research project in an area directly linked to your subject area and interests. This will ensure that you undertake scholarly work that further develops an aspect of the taught material and thereby contributes to your personal development and training towards professional practice. This module evidences your transformation from undergraduate to masters level achievement through the process and production of a recognized research output in your subject area.

Pre-requisite Modules
Module Learning and Teaching Information
Prohibited Module Combinations
Learning Outcomes
LO1 Produce a substantial exemplar of independent professional practice and apply appropriate research methods to the production of this.
LO2 Critically analyse, synthesise and apply information and ideas from both relevant sources of information and your own studies to support decisions appertaining to
professional practice and the relevant professional body where appropriate.
LO3 Take responsibility for and organise your own learning through self-management and independent research at master level. Advance and extend your subject knowledge
and understanding and develop research and practical skills relevant to your subject area LO4 Define, organise and report on a project of considerable duration with outcomes that are uncertain at the outset. Achieve this with the professional approach required by the host subject area.
Dissertation Stages (indicative):
Draft Project Proposal Stage 1
Introduction to module
Define and articulate draft research proposal
Identify possible sources of information
Judge scope of project
Identify potential resource implications
Ethical approval
Submit draft proposal – formative submission
Revaluate project proposal
Select appropriate research and implementation method/s
Submit project proposal – Assessment 1
Implementation/Research Activity/Write up
Students work with supervisor

Submission Block 4 Assessment 2 including viva
Teaching and Learning
Learning Activities
The module is a piece of individual independent study supported through tutorials, workshops and meetings with you academic supervisor. Your work may include undertaking for example:
Literature review
Application of earlier taught material
Production of project proposal/specification and resource plan
Meetings with supervisor Data collection
production of an artefact (which may be a report or paper) which is an exemplar of professional practice. Production of an academic paper and critical commentary. Dissemination of research findings/conclusions
Reading List
Your reading list is now available via the ‘Reading List’ tab on the left menu bar.
This provides you with links to essential and further reading for your module. Specialist equipment/ resources Standards
Professional Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRB)
All PSRB associated with the School of Technology expect students to undertake a piece of self directed independent research study as part of their post graduate accreditation.
Reference Points
Appropriate Subject Benchmark Statements and subject specific professional body criteria have been used to inform the selection and development of
learning outcomes, thereby e
School of Technology E&D policy, 2010
Special Educational Needs Disability Act 2001 (SENDA)