ENTE 3506 : Creative Management and Marketing


Dee Montfort University


Faculty of Business and Law

Module Code

ENTE 3506
ENTE 3506 : Creative Management and Marketing

1. Within the theoretical framework explaining that creativity and innovation are a product of
person-environment interactions (Kwan et al., 2018, p. 167), some empirical studies
arguably concluded that certain Hofstede (2011)’s dimensions of national culture influence
an individual’s creativity and innovation.

(a) Using two big names in the world of innovation, Jack Ma and Jeff Beszos as reference to the Eastern
and Western cultures, explain how dimensions of national cultures can affect a person’s
creativity/innovation. OR
(b) Using Aliko Dangote or any other Forbe-listed African entrepreneur as reference to national cultures in
Africa, explain how the convergence of Western and Eastern cultures can shape a person’s