Professional Skills for Accountants


BPP School of Business and Technology


BSc Accounting and Finance

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Professional Skills for Accountants


1) Identify and describe the professional skills needed to be successful in the workplace.
2) Explain why these skills are needed to be effective in the workplace.

(This task meets LO 1)
(Total marks for Task 1: 30 Marks)

1) Produce a personal SWOT analysis. Your SWOT analysis must include at least:
• 3 strengths
• 3 weaknesses
• 3 opportunities
• 3 threats
Each strength, weakness, opportunity and threat must include an explanation. You should also link
your analysis to example situations, to make your SWOT clear.
(This task meets LO 2)
(Total marks for Task 2: 30 Marks)

1) Discuss the skills you consider to be most important to be an effective team worker, and justify
your answer.
2) Explain how you will develop your team working skills. Your answer must include at least ONE of
the following topics:
– Leadership
– Diversity
– Professional ethics
You must discuss how you will use leadership, diversity or professional ethics to improve your
team working skills.
You must support your answer with personal research on the development of team working
(This task meets LO 3)
(Total marks for Task 3: 30 Marks)

You will need to summarise the key points of the assessment tasks.