0731966 : Contemporary Issues in Marketing


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Individual Essay - Supplementary

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Contemporary Issues in Marketing

Each individual is to complete a 2,500 words maximum essay (excluding references and
appendices) drawing on module content from week 1 up to and including week 5 which
critically discusses and analyses how contemporary marketing issues and practices can be
opportunities and challenges for an organisation/brand of their choice.
In completing this essay, you should focus your answer on one organisation or brand and have
the freedom to choose the sector (also including e.g., non-profit) and size of the organisation
(e.g., micro and newly established company through to large international organization).
It is important that you research the organisation/brand fully using marketing intelligence reports
on the sector as well as more specific information about the organisation/brand. It is suggested
that you undertake a review of the current marketing practices of the organisation by monitoring
their communications and understanding publicly available information as to their strategy and
As part of your essay, you should provide an introduction to the organisation/brand that sets the
scene as to their position in the marketplace, alongside their vision/goals/mission, and their
future plans (if available). You should also include a conclusion at the end of the essay. [word
count for these sections is around 500-600 words in total]
You should answer the following questions which should be supported by evidence and sound
 What current consumer trends covered in week 1 are (or could) impact the
organisation/brand? [500 words]

 What three/four aspects covered in the module weeks 2 to 5 are most relevant for the
organisation/brand? Note that the word aspects in this question means that you should
outline and discuss ideas or concepts from practice or theory. [900 words]
 What implications arise because of your analyses for the organisation/brand? and how could
you foresee the organisation/brand adapting to meet the opportunities and challenges that
you have identified? [500 words]
Please note, your essay should not simply describe a case. Your analysis must draw not only on
practical, illustrative examples but should incorporate theory as well as practice. You are
expected to draw on sources beyond the essential readings provided. But it is vital that you show
knowledge and understanding of the class materials (and essential readings) covered.
The assignment is to be in standard format (Times New Roman 12 Pt, 1.5 spacing). A complete
set of references directly cited must be supplied.

Module Learning Outcomes:
 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the changing role of marketing in the
contemporary business world.
 Identify and articulate key issues facing marketers within organisations and in the macro-
environment including drivers of customer value in organisations.
 Critically evaluate and discuss contemporary issues as they relate to consumer behaviours.
 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant ethical and corporate social
responsibility considerations and their potential effects that marketing decisions: Students
will be able to use a wide variety of theoretical and real-world approaches to
understanding and resolving ethical issues.
 Critically evaluate and discuss the industry and firm response to market changes and
delivering cost-effective, innovative marketing solutions, in a range of organisational types
and, industry contexts.
Assessment support:
Some general points on essay structure and good practice are provided in the table below.
 Set the context of the essay
 Include definitions
 Outline essay content
 Outline how the question will be

 Use paragraphs effectively
 Ensure diagrams and tables are clearly
labelled, explained and sourced
 Spell-check and proof-read your work

Main body of the essay
 Answer the question
 Do not wander off onto other subjects
 Try to use a range of references/information
 Use examples to illustrate your
 Use references to support your claims
 Do not repeat yourself

 Must be Harvard style
 Must be used to acknowledge others’

 Summarise main points
 State your main finding/belief/contention
 Do not introduce new concepts or examples
at this stage


Grading Criteria:
See the rubric below.
Please use the Harvard System throughout your assignment. You should consult
http://www.i-cite.bham.ac.uk/Harvard.shtml to learn how to reference your work
appropriately and
x.aspx for specific guidance on using the Harvard method of referencing.
Feedback to Students:
Both Summative and Formative feedback is given to encourage students to reflect on their
learning which feeds forward into the following assessment tasks. The preparation for all
assessment tasks will be supported by formative feedback within the tutorials/seminars.
Written feedback is provided as appropriate. Please be aware to use the browser and not
the Canvas App as you may not be able to view all comments.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand correct referencing practices. You are
expected to use appropriate references and keep carefully detailed notes of all your
information sources, including any material downloaded from the Internet. It is your
responsibility to ensure that you are not vulnerable to any alleged breaches of the
assessment regulations. More information is available at https://intranet.birmingh