Academic writing is sometimes daunting, boring, & extremely time-consuming. However, some writing tools can make assignment writing easier as they help you get resources, structure your timetable, find mistakes in your writing, and give you better results.

In this article, we will provide you a list of tools for your assignment help. The tools and resources will help you complete your assignment faster and in a smarter way. So, here we go-

  1. To-do-list tools:

    To-do-list tools:Eleven essential online writing tools you need for assignment 

You need to organise many things before starting to write an assignment. Assignment writing is the document that decides your academic grades. For this, you need to do a lot of research, compile data, and make a draft and write. So, before starting the actual work, you need to write down every probable work that you need to accomplish through the assignments. So, the first of the important writing tools is a to-do-list application.

Todoiist is a task management application, very helpful for meeting the deadlines of your assignment submission. Assignment writing is not just about putting words on paper. There are many activities required even before starting the assignment and after completing the assignment.

The use of Todoist can be in scheduling, planning and outlining all your work related to the assignment. When you make a fixed timetable and list of activities, you can save yourself from distractions and accomplish your task on time.

  1. Drafting tool:

Drafting is the first step of starting any assignment. You need to figure out the best way you should progress about the assignment. It saves you from confusion in the middle of the assignment at the same time helps you complete the assignment neat and clean with all data and images arranged in the right order.

If you want to write down all your notes, there are multiple notepads available online. Out of them, we feel that Evernote is the best one. It helps you to keep similar notes together. Moreover, you can make your notes more effective by using texts, images and docs. Moreover, the tool also provides an audio recording facility that helps you record every important thing in your own voice.

Using such writing tools will boost your productivity and help you complete your assignment smartly. Evernote comes in free and paid packages. You can choose to use an alternative notepad tool too.

  1. Research tools and research software:

    Research tools and research software :Eleven essential online writing tools you need for assignment 

Experts believe that the deeper you research the better you write, and the more you read the more you express. Research is the most vital step of writing assignment.

When you are conducting research, it is very important for you to have the right tools and resources to carry out your research. If you are not an English speaker, you need research too that will help you in written language also. If your research needs you to arrange data and analyze them properly, you need a separate tool for that too. There are multiple tools available online and offline to help you out with research. Some useful tools for research are-


Microsoft Excel

Online Tastical Texting tools

Google Scholar

Plagiarism Checker


Project Management Tools

  1. Grammarly:

Grammarly is a saviour for students in assignment writing. It is the most useful tool for coursework help online. It is a writing assistant that uses artificial intelligence to identify grammatical errors, tonal mistakes, spelling mistakes, and required sentence reconstruction in your writing,

When you install Grammarly on your laptop or PC, it will flag all the errors that you have made in your writing. Sometimes, we use some technical terms that Grammarly cannot identify and flag as an error. So, before making any changes suggested by Grammarly, make use of your brain. These can make you end up writing some abrupt sentences. Many features of Grammarly are available for free. However, if you require the premium service, you can go purchase that too. Otherwise, you can go with the free plan as it is good enough to detect the basic mistakes in your writing.

  1. Reference Generator:

Referencing is an important task in academic writing. It puts your work in an individual context and also demonstrates the breadth and depth of your research. You need to use references when you are using someone else’s ideas in your assignment. Referencing is required whenever you have paraphrased, summarized and directly quoted some other author’s works. This is considered good practice in academic writing.

The reference generator will auto-generate the correct formatting style for your assignment bibliography, depending on the style you have chosen for the assignment.

  1. Microsoft Office:

In assignment writing, the most required applications are Microsoft office- especially Microsoft word, Microsoft excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. These are the apps that students need to complete their assignment- at least one r at most three.

Microsoft word is used to write assignments in several headings and subheadings. Microsoft Excel is used to gather data. Students need Microsoft excel for miscellaneous purposes. Microsoft power point is required to create Charts, data and animation.

If you are going to write an assignment, you are undoubtedly going to use at least one of the three applications of Microsoft office. Most students don’t know the complete use of these applications, which makes them a little hesitant while working on their assignments. So, learning its writing tools is the first step to submitting an original and standard assignment.

  1. Proofreading tool:

Proofreading is one of the essential steps that every student has to go through to rectify any silly mistakes. Previously proofreading used to be a very hectic task as the proofreader had to go through the writing twice or thrice and find out all the mistakes to rectify them. However, the arrival of Grammarly, Writer and some other online tools has made people’s tasks easier.

The non-English speaking students found it very difficult t make their way into prolific assignment writing. However, these proofreading tools have made the task a lot easier. There are some other alternatives to Grammarly- Style Writer, Pro Writing Aid, and others.

  1. Plagiarism checking tool:

While writing assignment, we often pick up data from the internet and use them without making any changes in the writing. Plagiarism appears when three consecutive words in your document match with some other documents. Although there are other algorithms that work behind plagiarism, the one mentioned above is the main reason for marking plagiarism. So, students who are dealing with an assignment and taking data and insights from the internet need to check for plagiarism by using a useful plagiarism-checking tool.

There are various plagiarism tools available on the internet. The best ones are Quetext, Turnit in, Plagiarisma, Duplichecker and some others. So, by using the tools, you can make your assignment completely original.

  1. Focusing app:

While writing an assignment students are prone to get distracted easily by the notification of their mobile or any other exterior noises. Studies say, people’s attention span is reducing rapidly. Average attention span of a normal human being is 9 sec. It means after every 9 seconds a human being gets distracted by his surroundings or his own thoughts.

  1. Paraphrasing tool:

Paraphrasing tools are very famous among students as these tools serve the purpose of writing solutions for students. These tools are so effective that it –

  • Accept all types of file
  • Gives plagiarism-free writing
  • You can also download the overall report of your writing
  • Safe to use

However, the excessive use of this tool can get you caught by your teacher and terminate your paper. So, use the tool as much as is required.

  1. Academia Assist free sample paper:

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