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Business Management:

  1. Describe the origin of copycat products in business
  2. What are the reasons for the Black Friday Consumerism phenomenon?
  3. The merger of banks: Role of technology in it
  4. Use of AI in business analysis and the growth of its dependence on other business activities
  5. Impact of Brexit on the relationship between the USA and other countries
  6. How can technology help you with business diversity?
  7. Should the children of the United States be taught the Basics of Business in schools?
  8. How has Covid-19 Caused the loss of productivity in the corporate world?
  9. The challenges of online advertising and benefits of offline advertising
  10. E-commerce and logistics business growth during the pandemic.


  1. Ethical commitment during collection and management of patient data
  2. Effect of Cognitive hypnotherapy and pain managing in psychosomatic genesis
  3. What are the techniques for reducing PTSD?
  4. Management of pains in the severely injured patients
  5. Importance of vaccination in elderly patients
  6. Exercise for fall prevention in the elderly people
  7. Ethical reasons behind the uniform and dress code of nurses
  8. Respecting patients’ personal limitations and the role of effective communication
  9. Challenges in communication with the patients of ASD
  10. Risk factors for patients of Anorexia Nervosa, especially teenagers.

Important topics for writing essays 


  1. Physical and Psychological Effects of Abortion
  2. Evaluate the post-natal depression and treatment of post-natal depression
  3. Psychological issues and Stress management skills
  4. How to acquire the most creative stage
  5. The correlation between psychology and productivity
  6. How to get over from the grief of personal loss
  7. Effective ways to manage panic attack and anxiety attacks
  8. Causes of feeling loneliness all the time
  9. Behavioural and Emotional disorder
  10. Effective treatment of Depression in Elderly age


  1. The Laws of Nature and their usefulness in physical studies
  2. Contribution of Isaac Newton to the development of physics
  3. The procedure to follow in making an atomic bomb
  4. The advancement in the automobile sector, the evolution of self-driving car
  5. The role of physics in the medical industry
  6. Evaluate the concept of magnetism
  7. Role of Physics in the rise of superpowers
  8. Evaluate the correlation between geography and Physics
  9. Contribution of physics in building security of the United States
  10. Role of Physics in cancer diagnosis and treatment

Computer Science:

  1. Accessible designs for websites for visually impaired people
  2. Evaluate the application of Game Theory and the Internet
  3. Artificial Intelligence replacing human power
  4. Challenges of AI in natural language interpreting
  5. Threats of Computer Viruses: How to deal with Computer viruses?
  6. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency transaction: Role of technology in the new finance world
  7. Future and challenges of Open Software development
  8. How ethical is ethical hacking?
  9. Problems of movie piracy and its solution
  10. Has the internet impacted the Music Industry?
  11. Is it impossible for a computer to understand the natural language?
  12. How will the use of artificial intelligence impact the medical industry?


  1. The role of the USA in the First World War
  2. Evaluate the child labour in the Puritan Era
  3. What is the economic impact of the sinking of the Titanic?
  4. What causes the battle of Germantown?
  5. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  6. Evaluate the Byzantine Empire
  7. The contribution of Women in ancient Britain
  8. Describe the impact of slavery on the economic development of a nation
  9. Describe the Social injustice in France
  10. What are the influences of slave labour on the Economy of the USA?

English literature:

  1. How has fate been portrayed in Romeo and Juliet?
  2. How has William Shakespeare portrayed love in Romeo and Juliet?
  3. Concept of mortality in Hamlet by William Shakespeare
  4. How has William Thackeray portrayed the culture of the 19th century in Vanity Fair?
  5. The role of women in the 18th century portrayed by Jane Austen
  6. The war between Good and Evil in Paradise Lost by John Milton
  7. Describe the Spirituality and religion depicted in the Lord of the Files
  8. Describe Beowulf as an epic.
  9. Compare the difference between the portrayal of death in Keats and Blake’s poems
  10. George Orwell’s exhibition of propaganda and totalitarianism in 1984


  1. How does happiness have a correlation with money?
  2. How can education fight poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment?
  3. Who are the major participants in the stock market?
  4. Write an essay on money management effectively
  5. FD or Equity, where should common people invest more
  6. What is the differentiator of money from other assets in the Economy?
  7. Pros and Cons of Using credit cards
  8. What is the importance of preserving the heritage of the world?
  9. How fast can be the growth of the third world countries?
  10. Is technology exploiting the Economy of the world?
  11. What are the macroeconomic trends and their impact on common people’s lives?

Mathematics essay topics:

  1. Use of Number theory in everyday life
  2. Analyse the difference between Multivariable and vector calculus
  3. How is mathematics used in the Google algorithm?
  4. How effective is numerical analysis in machine learning?
  5. Role of a random variable in the probability theory
  6. Evaluate the Set theory of Georg Cantors
  7. The use of mathematics in recreational games like Chess and Checkers
  8. What is the importance of Game Theory in Social science?
  9. The importance of limits in mathematics
  10. Elaborate on the contribution of Euclid in the sphere of mathematics
  11. Compare the nature and usefulness of Arithmetic and Algebra is mathematics

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