When you enter college or University life, you are assigned to write research papers frequently. A school student is never given research paper writing, so usually, students have their first experience with research papers only in college. As a result, they lack experience in writing research papers. This article will be for those who have no idea about any research paper component. 

How do you start research paper writing? To answer these Questions, Academia Assist has provided a number of steps. You can achieve a remarkable height with your assignment research paper by following them. Our assignment writers have done this multiple times before. So they can help with assignments any time you ask. 

The step-by-step guide is given below:  

Choose topics on three parameters:

  • Interest
  • Information
  • Focus

Your task will be easier if you choose the topic of your interest. Even if you are assigned a topic beyond your knowledge, select an approach that suits your interest. By doing so, you can make your task simpler. When you choose the approach you are comfortable with, you make people understand your views easily. Every narrator and researcher picks up the same techniques to establish themselves. People often say that you must step beyond your comfort zone to achieve success. However, this may be costly sometimes especially when you explore beyond your territories. Selecting good research paper topics are equally important as you write them on paper. When you have selected a topic and gathered enough information regarding it, you are ready to go. 

Thorough Research:

Any research paper example you go through, you will find one similarity, which is a detailed work. As the name goes, the first criteria to be met to write a research paper are thorough research. Deep research is directly connected with the quality of your work. Go through the books and blogs required, guidelines and other requirements. A research paper assignment prepares you for the challenges you face in your professional career in the future. Give your best to collect the necessary data. Write down the source of information to cite in the reference section. It is very important that you segregate your original ideas from the ideas or data you have collected. When you do your research, you must remember to follow only renowned and valid sources. 

 Read the information and Keep records:

After you have gathered enough information, the foremost task is to read them thoroughly. Build a good perspective on it and keep records in a thin notepad to use tour studies in your writing. The more you read, the better will your research paper be. Research papers are meant to be in-depth. School time is over, so there is no scope for doing shallow work. To make it simpler, you can write the title of the book/blog, name of the author and usable information for your paper.

Follow these steps to create the Best Research Paper

Create an Outline:

Our group of assignment writers have mentioned almost in all articles that organizing the mind-mapping and making a draft must be done before you before on the paper. A research paper is a well-formatted, error-free, and in-detailed write-up that requires perfection to secure good grades. Without practising beforehand, you cannot go and play matches. Moreover, the Draft will give you enough understanding of the real paper. If you know the steps you are required to follow- right formatting and diagram placement, you will get a prolific result after you are done. 

Focus on Format:

Your research paper format is the face value of your work, and mark these words, your professor will judge you a lot by the face value before getting inside its intrinsic value. You will try a t-shirt only when you like the colour and designs on it. Do a little creative craftsmanship that justifies the topic of your paper. Don’t do anything more than is required. Creative extravagance can cost you badly, and your effort can be killed by too much rubbish artwork on paper. Write an impressive introduction, at least 4 to 5 headings, diagrams or images, and a brief conclusion can be enough to make your paper shine. 

Introduction and Conclusion:

Most of the readers determine the quality of your work easily just by reading the first few lines of your writing. And everyone remembers how well you have ended it. So, there are two parts that decide 60% of the quality of the research work. The rest are the data only. Usually, your thesis statement comes in the last line f the introductory paragraph. So, you must ensure that you nail it right at the introduction. 

Time for Revision:

The time allotted to revision determines how fewer mistakes you will make on the paper. Drafting is the first step to making no mistakes, and revision is the last step to follow for the same. As we write fast and pay the least attention to the silly mistakes we make, it is left with plenty of mistakes. Permitting time for revision makes sure you have rectified them all one-by-one.


Your assignment is not complete unless you have proofread the assignment. This is the last procedure you have to endure. You have come so far from where you began. So, don’t break your focus just near the end. While proofreading, you have to check grammar, punctuation, use of all data and accurate citation of references. If you face issues while proofreading, you can think of getting a proofreader hired for the task. 

Hope this article has been useful in getting an overview of writing a research paper. If you ever need an assignment helper, we at Academia Assist have writers with years of experience in writing different types of assignments writers. 

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