Reflective writing is one of the most preferred writing assignments given by teachers to students. Students deal with reflective writing in schools, colleges and degree courses. It helps students develop strong analytical and creative skills to flourish purpose of education. School and colleges curriculum include this as a part of their academics because of its efficiency in building recreational habits in their minds. 

A reflective essay is nothing but recreating an incident, events of your life or what you have read and throwing your reflection on it. So, in this article, we have discussed the steps you must follow to write a reflective essay. 

1.Understand, analyze and summarize:

Before writing a reflective essay, you have to understand, analyze and summarize the whole context you are going to write about. Make your resources your assignment assistance.

The best way to start writing a reflective essay is by recreating the whole scenario in your mind. The minute you visualize, the better you can put it on paper. 

Understanding the whole content is the first step you must take carefully to go deep into it for analysis. If you have experienced some events in your life and want to write a reflective essay, then understanding of the situation by revisiting it is important. When you write an essay on some texts you have read, you have to put yourself in the author’s shoes to write a perfect reflective essay. 

Summarizing will be an essay help for you to understand your feelings about the event or story. The summary helps you find the conclusion of your thought about the event. A reader wants to know what the author ultimately thinks about the event he described- what his takings are. 

2.Choose a theme for writing:

The selection of the theme is equally important as the writing. Choosing the right theme is important as it also provides the right tone to the essay. It shows whether your views are moderate or extreme. If your theme is not congruent with the writing, it can reduce the efficacy of your writing. So, be careful while selecting the accurate theme for your essay. 

3.Make connections among all your views and opinions:

Making integrated connections between your opinions and views is inevitable for writing to be considered a good essay. If your thoughts and opinions vary from line to line, it will show you are confused about your feelings. When you build connections between your views and opinions, it also helps you express yourself in a much better way through your essay. 

4.Write the body first:

Writing the body first is advised by all assignment help experts. You first need to put all your thoughts down on paper. Decide the chronological order for the right construction. You can also include all the supporting statements and references for your views and make your reflection fundamentally strong. In other words, you just connect your thoughts and distribute them into paragraphs and give them a logical structure. 

5.Write a good conclusion:

It is said and well said that all is good when the end is good. So, you must consider giving your best to writing the conclusion for your essay. In the conclusion part, you are supposed to write your final thoughts about the event or character. It is very important for the readers to know your final thoughts. In the conclusive line, you can also restate or reemphasize your statement or give them a reminder of what you have raised in your introduction. 

6.Write the Introduction:

Your introduction contains the purpose of your thesis or essay. So, it must be impressive with all the issues or opinions you have to raise throughout the essay. At the same time, it must increase the curiosity of the readers to read the essay further. You can also include the summary of your essay in the introduction part if you feel it is necessary. One thing that you must not forget to mention is the topic and theme of writing. It must compel the readers to assume what they can expect in the subsequent paragraphs. 


If you are going to submit your assignment without proofreading, it will be a massive mistake in your academic career. You can ask your colleagues and classmate to help you out with proofreading and editing. If the paper has set some specified guidelines, you must ensure that you have adhered to all of them without breaking any rules. Proofreading and editing will also help you in finding the errors and rectifying them early. The fewer mistakes you make, the better score you will get. 

A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.

– Mark Twain.

Here are some more tips for writing a reflective paper:

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  • Write an Outline

First, you can create a draft for jotting down all your thoughts, facts and arguments. It helps you get clarity about your writing. 

  • Write in a formal tone

Use a formal tone for your writing. Reflective writing is also considered a critical analysis sometimes. So, you are expected to write in a formal tone. 

  • Keep it precise

The word count often is provided by your institute. However, you should ensure you have not filled your essay with unnecessary things. 

  • Include all relevant points

Be straightforward about your essay. Get into the points fast that you want to elaborate in your essay. 

  • Provide reference

Supporting statements and references are important to justify your ideas and views. There is no scope for skipping it for effective writing. 

  • Use transitional words or phrases:

Transactional words or phrases are phrases that connect one sentence to the previous one. It suggests the continuation of the ideas or things you are talking about. Using these words will not allow readers to divert their attention from your writing.

 Harnessing the tips given in the article will help you valuably if you utilize them appropriately in your writing. Academia Assist provides online assignment help to students of all courses. So, if you want our writers’ help for guidance contact us.  





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