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Task Description

This task requires students to reflect upon key issues presented in Modules 1-3 and complete three (3) x 500 word responses to the questions below under Task Instructions.


Working with and supporting children and families within the context of their community can present challenges. Early childhood professionals should reflect on the diversity of issues that face children and families.  The aim of this assessment task is for students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding regarding contemporary and diverse issues facing children, families and communities.

Task Instructions

You are required to answer each of the following three questions in approximately 500 words. All responses must be literature supported

Question 1

Part A: In your own words, write a short definition (2-3 sentences) for proximal processes.

Part B: Think about the aspects that influence children’s lives today and how this has changed over the last twenty years.With reference to the unit content discuss how contemporary life may enhance or hinder proximal processes and outcomes compared to how life influenced them in the past. Frame your answer using the levels in Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model.

Question 2

The extent to which victims of bullying suffer negative outcomes is partly determined by how they cope with being bullied. In your future practice as an early childhood teacher, how can you ensure the children in your care have the skills and strategies to overcome bullying incidents with reference to the unit content. Make links to the Early Years Learning Framework (DET, 2022) where relevant.

Question 3

You are working at a long day care centre where a new family has enrolled. You have planned a cooking experience with the children when the boy (aged 4) states, “cooking is the girl’s job, boys should not cook!” Discuss the following points with reference to the unit content:

  • What language and actions would you use to handle this situation?
  • How can you teach gender equality as part of the Australian culture with children aged 3-5 years?
  • What are the strategies you could implement to work towards social justice and equity?

Follow the steps to complete the task:

  • Create a new Word Document and save it with your surname and initials and the assessment task’s name. E.g: MillsA_assessment1_portfolio
  • Create a cover page with the following details:
    • Student name
    • Student ID
    • Unit code
    • Unit Assessor and Tutor names
    • Date submitted
  • Complete three (3) x 500 word responses to the prompts listed above. Responses must be literature supported.
  • Complete one reference list for the entire assessment task.
  • Once complete, submit task via the Turnitin link in the Assessment and Submission section of the unit site.
  • Adhere to APA7 formatting guidelines


APA 7th referencing format is required in Faculty of Education assessment tasks – link to SCU Libguide here:   APA 7 Referencing.

Task Submission

Assessments should be submitted using the Turnitin activity titled “Assessment 1: Portfolio” in the Assessments Tasks & Submission section on the Blackboard TCHR2002 site. Only Microsoft Word documents submitted via the Turnitin portal on Blackboard will be accepted. You must label your submission with your surname and initials and the assessment task’s name,e.g:ByrneT_assessment1_portfolio

Special Consideration

Students wishing to request special consideration to extend the due date of an assessment task must submit a Request for Special Consideration form via their MyEnrolment page as early as possible and prior to the original due date for that assessment task, along with any accompanying documents, such as medical certificates.

Late Submissions & Penalties

Except when special consideration is awarded, late submission of assessment tasks will lead automatically to the imposition of a penalty. Penalties will be incurred as soon as the deadline is reached.

  • a penalty of 5% of the available marks will be deducted from the actual mark at one minute after the time listed in the due date.
  • a further penalty of 5% of the available mark will be deducted from the actual mark achieved on each subsequent calendar day until the mark reaches zero.”

Grades & Feedback

Assignments that have been submitted by the due date will receive an SCU grade and written feedback. Grades and feedback will be posted to “Grades & Feedback” section on the Blackboard unit site. Please allow 7working days for marks to be posted.

Academic Integrity

At Southern Cross University academic integrity means behaving with the values of honesty, fairness, trustworthiness, courage, responsibility and respect in relation to academic work.The Southern Cross University Academic Integrity Framework aims to develop a holistic, systematic and consistent approach to addressing academic integrity across the entire University. For more information see the SCU Academic Integrity Framework

Generative Artificial Intelligence tools: 

I am reminding you that Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) tools are NOT permitted for use in this assessment (see Assessment Information Booklet, Section 8.0). Using any such tools constitutes academic misconduct, as you are not the author/creator of the assessment you are submitting. Futurepedia is a good starting point for checking to make sure the tool/app that you want to use is not GenAI driven; however, remember that new artificial intelligence tools are coming online daily, so take a screenshot.

As a student in the contemporary world, I am going to suggest to you that you should take steps to safeguard yourself from academic misconduct by making sure that you keep records of your processes when completing your assessment – e.g., screenshots (with date and time evident), log of search history, different versions of files etc. You don’t have to do this; it’s just a suggestion. Another suggestion is to use a free GenAI checker (see if you agree with their T&Cs first) to make sure it flags your submission as ‘written by a human’.