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  Research topics
Research and select 5-7 primary, peer-reviewed sources published in the last two years related to the topics in the textbook for weeks 4-6: Connected world, E-commerce, Global IS, Building MIS, Enterprise Systems, and Supporting IS. Read and summarize each source, evaluate its credibility and relevance to the week 8 case study, and provide examples of how it will be used in your analysis of the case study in week 8. (week 8 )
Using the case study described in week 8, develop responses to the case study as they relate to the topics in the textbook in weeks 4-6: Connected world, E-commerce, Global IS, Building MIS, Enterprise Systems, and Supporting IS.
Your final paper length will be 7-10 pages, including title page, abstract page, table of contents page, reference page, and appendices pages.
Text should follow APA guidelines and use appropriate language/vocabulary. A minimum of four (4) scholarly references should be used, not including the textbook.


Bidgoli; Hossein. (2024). MindTap for Bidgoli’s MIS, 10th ed. Cengage Learning
Print ISBN: 9780357419212
eText ISBN: 9780357419205
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As a result of this outdated IT infrastructure, Shelly’s is facing several challenges. For example:

  1. Reduced Efficiency: The slow and outdated systems make it difficult for employees to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. This, in turn, slows down the overall productivity of the organization.
  2. Security Risks: The outdated systems are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and malware due to a lack of security updates and patches. The company may be at risk of data breaches, which could damage the company’s reputation and result in lost revenue.
  3. Compatibility Issues: The proprietary software applications used by the company are no longer compatible with newer systems, which limits the company’s ability to integrate with other systems and technologies.
  4. Limited Scalability: The outdated server hardware is unable to support the company’s growing data storage and sharing needs, which could limit the company’s ability to scale and expand in the future.


Company goals:

  1. Increasing Sales: The primary goal of Shelly’s is to increase sales and revenue.
  2. Reducing Costs: This company operates on tight profit margins. Reducing costs, therefore, is an important business goal.
  3. Building Brand Awareness: Building brand awareness is a key business goal for the company, as it helps to differentiate the company from competitors and build customer loyalty.
  4. Enhancing Customer Experience: This company aims to provide a positive and memorable shopping experience for customers.
  5. Expanding into New Markets: This company may seek to expand into new markets or geographic regions as a way to increase sales and revenue.

NOTE: In order to mitigate the use of AI generated text to create this paper, citations in your paper must match the references, and those references must appear in your Zoterro file.