MAR043-6 : Strategy and Brand Management




Strategy and Brand Management

Module Code

Strategy and Brand Management

Task 1A – Group Presentation (Weighted at 0% formative assessment – from which you will receive feedback):
You and your fellow team members (maximum 5 members, minimum 3) work as marketers for Hindú. Your team has been
asked to orally present to the company’s top management a description and evaluation of its marketing strategies. The
presentation needs to answer the following questions:
– Conduct a PESTEL analysis.
– Conduct customer analysis, identifying the key trends in the company’s market.
– Conduct competitor analysis, identifying key competitors and their positioning, points of differentiation, core marketing
strategy, market share, etc.
– Complete a SWOT analysis, commenting on the company’s competitive advantage.
– What are the company’s marketing strategies?
– Are they appropriate, considering the company’s competitive advantage (or strengths), target customers and key
competitors? Why or why not?
– Are the strategies good enough to enable the company to achieve its objective (which is to triple its sales by 2022)? Why
or why not?


Task 1B – Written Individual Reflection (Weighted at 40% on the basis of the unit overall):
Produce a written individual reflection on the work that your group presented. (Required word length: 2,500 words +/- 10%,
excluding the list of references).
Explain the task and YOUR individual role in the process. What ideas and contributions did you make to the group? What would
you do differently if you had to repeat the task now? What ideas, based on the tutor’s feedback*, could you improve on and how?
*Feedback will be given at the end of the group presentation. It is important that you/your group members note/record the
feedback. This will help you recall the points more clearly and deeply.