LD9632 – SME Project Proposal




Research Methodology Structure

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LD9632 - SME Project Proposal


Summative Assessment:
You will be summatively assessed by a 1000-word SME project proposal weighted at 20% (in Semester 1) and a 4000* word research report weighted at 80%
(in Semester 2).

The SME project proposal (in Semester 1) will include the following elements (SME project proposal template attached):
The title of the project
An outline of the problem or opportunity being addressed
The aims and objectives of the project
Management literature and theories underpinning the project
An indication of the methods to be used
A programme of work and timetable

The research report (in Semester 2) will include the following elements:
An executive summary 5% of overall report mark – 150 words
An introduction to the project and research objectives 5% of the overall report mark – 250 words
A critical literature review 25% of the overall report mark – 1500 words
A research informed and justified methodology 15% of the overall report mark – 1000 words
A discussion of research ethics 5% of the overall report mark – 200 words
Presentation and analysis of findings 10% of the overall report mark (not in word count)
Study conclusions 10% of the overall report mark – 400 words
Recommendations 10% of the overall report mark (not in word count)
Reflective Report (MLO4) 10% of the overall report mark (500 words)
Structure, Layout and Academic Practice 5% of the overall report mark
* Note some sections within the report are not included in the word count, thus the actual word count of the report will exceed 4000 words.

The proposal will outline the area of study, aims & objectives, underpinning management literature & theories and methods to be used (20%) (MLO1)
The research report will address the research method adopted to achieve your research aims/objectives, literature review, data collection, data analysis and the
generation of supportable conclusions and recommendations. Reflective component not in word count. (80%) (MLO1, MLO2, MLO3)
Your answers should consider appropriate and relevant theories, models and concepts which demonstrate wider reading and which are appropriately cited and
referenced using the APA referencing system.

Word limits and penalties for assignments
If the assignment is within +10% of the stated word limit no penalty will apply.

The word count is to be declared on the front page of your assignment and the assignment cover sheet. The word count does not include:

Title and Contents page


Reference list

 Bibliography
 Appendices
 Quotes from interviews and focus

Appropriate tables, figures and illustrations

Presentation and analysis of findings


Please note, in text citations [e.g. (Smith, 2011)] and direct secondary quotations [e.g. “dib-dab nonsense analysis” (Smith, 2011 p.123)] are INCLUDED in the
word count.
If this word count is falsified, students are reminded that under ARTA page 30 Section 3.4 this will be regarded as academic misconduct.
If the word limit of the full assignment exceeds the +10% limit, 10% then in that case the marker will stop reading at the point when they judge that the word limit
exceeds the recommended word count by more than 10%. The marker will indicate the point at which they stop reading on the text.
Students are advised that they may be asked to submit an electronic version of their assignment and so should retain an electronic version of the assignment.

Submission of Assessment:

You should submit your assessments electronically to the Turnitin Submission Tool within the module ELearning Site. This can be found in the Assessment and
Submission section
Your assignment will be marked and feedback offered 20 working days from the hand in date.
You must also keep a copy of your assignment for your own records in case a second copy is required. The assignment submitted will not be returned to you,
so again keep a copy for your own use.
It is your responsibility as the student to ensure that you are submitting your final and complete assignment to be marked. Only send your assignment to the
above email address to avoid confusion.