BSS052-6 Projects and Operates Management





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Projects and Operates Management

Assignment: This assessment accounts for 60% of the total grade.
For this assignment, you are required to work in groups. Your group of 5-8 students will be decided by your unit tutor during your sessions.
You will be required to produce a project management plan for the given Project Mandate. You can find two project mandates (Name of
two Live Projects) in Assessment and Feedback Section.
You can choose either of the two companies.
Project Timescale
Fixed Timescale: The project must be delivered within 6 months
Al related project stages and activities must be delivered within this timescale
The Project Plan will include the use of Project Management tools and techniques studied and discussed in class.

This project plan assessment contains two parts, Part A and B:
Part A – Group presentation
This assignment is based on a real-life project to ensure you (work in a group of 5 to 7) can apply and reflect on the project management
knowledge and skills learnt.
 A group presentation of the project plan incorporating the elements detailed below (presented in PowerPoint) will take place on
the date confirmed by the tutors.
 Presentation will be held in week commencing from Click or tap to enter a date. and your specific presentation slot will be
confirmed by tutor. The group submission should make use of Microsoft PowerPoint software, with 15 slides maximum
 Each team is required to submit a copy of their presentation slides prior to the presentation via BREO using the Assessment 2
presentation submission link under assessment and feedback Section. Only one member of your team is required to submit the
presentation on behalf of each team.
Length of presentation: 8 minutes + 3 minutes for questions and answer
Submission: Copy of PowerPoint slides (plus appendices) submitted via BREO using the “Assessment 2 presentation submission” link under
Assessment & Feedback Section.
1. Project Time Management
a. Network Diagram and Critical Path Analysis
 Activities should be the same as those listed in the WBS
 Samples of Completeness of activities to deliver project products
 Each Activity allocated to an individual project team member/s
b. Resource allocation and acquisition management plan including resource loading and resource leveling

Part B – Individual PORTFOLIO report
You are required to produce an individual report of 3,500 (+/- 10%) words covering the element covered in your presentation having taken
on board the feedback received during your presentation as detailed above. You are expected to write this report individually and take on
board the feedback you received form the presentation.
1. Project Time Management
c. Network Diagram and Critical Path Analysis
d. Activity List

o Activities should be the same as those listed in the WBS
o Samples of Completeness of activities to deliver project products
o Each Activity allocated to an individual project team member/s

e. Resource allocation and acquisition management including resource loading and resource leveling
2. Critical discussion and a reflection of the Lessons Learnt from the project
a. Review of lessons learnt form the project.

b. Consider what you have learnt about working in a group
c. Reflect on individual learning

3. The highest levels of presentation are expected for all assignments and poor presentation will be penalized.
4. The ‘Harvard’ system of referencing should be used in your work.
5. The group presentation slides should be included in the Appendix of your individual submission. Failure to do so, will result in a
grade of “0”.
6. You are expected to improve your work individually based on the feedback you received during the presentation.
7. Part B, the individual report must be produced individually without any input from your group members.
What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
 Evidence an attempt to critically analyse the project mandate provided and apply appropriate project management theory, tools
and techniques to manage the project
 Effectively work as part of a project team and present your solutions.
How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
We will be filling this section in together in class on 00/00/0000 make sure you have downloaded/printed out the Assignment Brief and
bring it to the session with you.
1. The analysis:
Make sure to provide a logical, reliable and evidence-based set of recommendations to the client. You will need to conduct a detailed
analysis of business needs in order to make sound recommendations for improvement.
2. The structure and the project plan:
Please follow the outline provided above. Make user to fully justify and critically analyse the marketing initiatives and e-commerce
optimization activities you are proposing. Based on your research, produce a project plan for the implementation of your marketing

4. Use of literature:
Use academic source, i.e. books, journal articles etc. Refer to respected industry sources DO NOT overuse the Internet, do not use and / or
quote from Wikipedia.
You are required to use proper in-text reference and the reference list in the end using the Harvard Referencing System.
5. The writing:
Try to approach this assignment in a logical and systematic way. Make sure you have a logical structure, a convincing argument, clear
description of the situations which ‘set the scene’, and clear explanation which relate to theories, and a conclusion that draws your
argument together.
Make sure to use Studiosity for feedback on your work prior to final submission.
How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
The assignment requires you to apply knowledge and understanding developed from sessions and resources (available on
BREO) taught during the first 5 weeks of unit delivery.