AAF044-6 – Accounting and Finance





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AAF044-6 - Accounting and Finance

Select a listed company from the Automotive sector. Using your chosen company, write a 3000 words report covering the following:

  1. Introduction -You should provide a short introduction to your organisation (its key features), its corporate objectives. Then identify the key resources in your organisation, before providing a brief comment on its management issues and the challenges it faces in meeting its objectives in its markets (20%).
  2. Critically discuss how budgets may be used as measure of performance, and whether favourable variances should be investigated to discover their cause (30%)
  3. Critically discuss why ‘The acceptability of an investment proposal depends on the company’s cost of capital; a project that is acceptable to one company may not be acceptable to another.’ (20%)
  4. Looking at the disclosures about the Nominations committee in your chosen company’s annual report, identify the main functions of the audit committees, the membership of the committee and the issues that the committee has focused on during the reporting year, and suggest any improvements where possible. (20%)
  5. Conclusion -You should finish your assignment with a reflective conclusion in which you record how the work you have undertaken in your assignment has helped in your appreciation of the financial position and performance of your organisation, and in your current role (10%)

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)

In order to pass Assessment 2 you will need to:

Form a judgment on the appropriateness and effectiveness of an organizations financial strategy and its alignment with strategic corporate objectives through a thorough understanding of an organization’s financial information and by reference to relevant literature.

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?

The work demonstrates excellent in-depth knowledge of key corporate objectives, capital structure, dividend policy and corporate governance and evidence of extensive independent study and thinking.

The work shows evidence of synthesis, independent critical analysis of current research/knowledge, clearly argued alternative approaches, and the ability to reason in a clear and effective manner and the ability to independently assess own and others’ work with very clear justifications and sound judgment is demonstrated.

The work demonstrates an ability to independently synthesize information and ideas, to create a range of new insights/original responses to problems that may expand or redefine existing knowledge and/or develop new approaches to unpredictable situations.

The work demonstrates an ability to present confident, tightly structured, stimulating, and rigorous arguments that show a high level of academic ability.

Clear evidence of analysis and interpretation of data and in reaching conclusions.