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What is an Essay Assignment?

Essay assignments are written works that elaborate and analyze a particular topic. They traditionally include an introductory paragraph, description paragraphs, and a conclusion. The purpose of an essay is to inform readers about a particular topic. It can be descriptive, narrative, argumentative or supportive, and analytical.

How can I write an Essay?

Do the appropriate research:

The first step of writing a rich essay is to do a lot of research about the topic you have selected, or you are given. The deeper you research, the better you extract information and enrich your essay with valuable content.

Take short notes

Jot down the information you have found from the resources so that you don’t miss any information while writing on paper. This is the expert way of writing an informative and descriptive essay. You must follow the same.

Give a structure

Giving a proper structure to your essay is equally important, as it makes your writing more readable and helps the examiner find all the details in the right places. So, you should be careful about the structure and format of your essay.

Write introduction

A catchy, precise, and contextual introduction makes the reader curious to read the essay further. You need to be creative while writing an essay to make the reader read more.

 Give a brief conclusion:

It’s very important that you finish a thing as well as you started it. People often lose energy and motivation by the time they conclude. So, you need to push yourself extra to be creative enough while writing a conclusion.

What Are the Types of Essays?

There can be many categories or sub-categories of essays. However, essays are divided into four main categories.

  • Argumentative

In an Argumentative essay, you form an opinion by doing research and providing evidence to support your argument.

  • Expository

It is an informative essay in which you collect information and communicate with the readers through your writing

  • Narrative

The narrative is a style of storytelling. You need to adopt a creative approach to tell the information through your essay

  • Descriptive

It is a detailed work in this type of essay. You need to be creative in the choice of words and approach to describe sensory information.  

What are the parts of the essay?

There are mainly three parts to an essay.

Introductory paragraph

An introductory paragraph is the most important paragraph as it determines the readers’ intensity and mood of reading your essay. You need to be creative, precise and selective about writing an introduction.


There can be as many paragraphs for the body of your essay. It should only end once you have covered your entire proposition. However, your essay must have transitory words (like, first, again, as, and others) or statements to connect one paragraph to its previous one. It should quench the thirst you have created in a reader in the introductory paragraph.


The conclusion is the part that requires high expertise. Students often completely exhaust themselves while writing the other two parts. However, the closing sentences determine the highest effectiveness. You may lose all the impression if you are not good at the conclusion.